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  • Blue Dot Art Gallery is a gallery focused on teaching various aspects of appreciating ‘art’.
  • The gallery is an exciting and interesting palace in the Art hub of Hauz Khas Village where you will be initiated into a space where you can engage with art and aesthetics, both Indian and Western.
  • Blue Dot is an interesting place to begin your art journey or dwell deeper in your artistic arena. This gallery lives and breathes as a place where creativity and curiosity get stirred to create a beautiful concoction.
  • The gallery is centered around the idea of learning, and widening an arena that has often been reduced to a niche. Art principles, elements, and theories from various modules will help you understand art from a lens that you might never have access to before.

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Exhibit artwork

Discover an extraordinary gallery exhibiting captivating and thought-provoking artwork masterpieces.


Explore engaging classes for beginners and intermediates, fostering artistic growth.

Promote artists

Empower artists through dedicated promotion, fostering recognition, and unlocking creative opportunities.

Sell artwork

Browse, acquire, and cherish exceptional artworks from our exclusive collection.


Our extensive and curated art history book collection enriches our gallery's offerings.

Curate exhibitions

Curate captivating exhibitions that showcase diverse artistic expressions and perspectives.


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Wonderful and peaceful art place to visit. A must visit place for Art Lovers.

Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Really cool art work - different Mediums. Some works are inspiring. Some thought provoking. Thank you for opening the place for me.

Richa Nevatia

This place is so inspiring as well as informative. Very aesthetically pleasing. Love it!!

Chhavi Aggarwal


About The Founder


Meena Singh is the Director of Blue Dot Art Gallery. She pursued her Master in Fine Arts in Art History from the Fine Arts Faculty at MS University Baroda. She has also been an Assistant Professor at Nift, Mumbai, and a Visiting Faculty at NID and Nift Gandhinagar.

Her journey toward establishing the gallery spanned approximately two decades. The idea to open the gallery originated from a desire to bridge the gap in the Art Market. The vision was to create a space that combined a formal Art Gallery with art education, specifically teaching the ‘language of art’. This aspiration arose from her own inability to fully appreciate remarkable works of art, including masterpieces, traditional, folk, or vernacular art due to a lack of understanding in the realm of art. To address this, she pursued a Master's degree in Fine Arts, specializing in Art History, at Fine Arts Faculty, Baroda. This institution served as a platform for exploring various facets of art, guided by inspiring teachers and surrounded by creative students.

During her studies, she completed a short MBA program in Arts Management at the Asian Institute of Management. It was during this time that she conceptualized the idea of an Art Gallery that would focus on teaching Art History and Aesthetics of both India and the Western world. Interacting with students from Nift (Mumbai and Gandhinagar) over the years, she found inspiration in their feedback, which motivated her to share her passion for art. Ultimately, it was her children and granddaughters who played a significant role in bringing her gallery vision to life.

The gallery aims to emphasize learning and educate art enthusiasts to become well-informed buyers. Blue Dot Gallery acts as a space where art enthusiasts can both engage with and purchase traditional and contemporary art. She aspires to connect with all art lovers who seek to develop art literacy, overcome biases, and genuinely appreciate the ever-evolving world of art.

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